Vulnerability Assessments 

A Tool used in developing your Cyber Risk Advisory Strategy

A cyber vulnerability assessment is a vital component in shaping our cyber risk strategy in order to take your small- or medium-sized business' cyber and information security to the next level. It is a common belief among resource-strapped organizations that cyber based information security requires a considerable investment in systems and technology to mitigate all potential threats. 

The reality, though, is that by basing your decisions on actionable intelligence rather than the latest trends, it is possible to effectively manage risks on any budget, and actually lower your costs. A technology risk assessment provides genuine, useful insights into the potential threats your network faces. By identifying the holes in your current security infrastructure, you can take more effective action and better position yourself for long-term growth.

Why Invest in a Vulnerability Scanning Assessment?

A 2013 report by Symantec identified several disturbing trends concerning cyber crime and small businesses:

  • Cyber attacks on small businesses rose 300% between 2011 and 2012.
  • 31% of all hacking attacks targeted businesses with fewer than 250 employees; 50% of attacks targeted businesses of 2500 employees or less.
  • Hackers were the single-largest cause of all data breaches, representing 40% of all incidents.
  • Non-traditional victims were among the hardest hit. The manufacturing sector was the single-biggest target for hackers in 2012, representing 24% of attacks; this was followed by finance, insurance and real estate at 19%.

Clearly, these statistics emphasize the persistent failure of smaller organizations to take effective action against threats. That's why investing in an internet vulnerability evaluation is so important. Keep reading to learn more about what Secuvant can do for you, and why we're some of the most qualified cyber security gap analysts in Utah, and throughout the Mountain region. 

What We Do

Secuvant's vulnerability assessment services involve remotely scanning your office's servers, network, security systems, end-point devices such as computers, phones, and other equipment. In doing so, we give you an accurate picture of the threats you face, including those in home offices and other remote locations that are generally overlooked when performing security assessments. 

Preventing web application security vulnerability with Secuvant is easy — there's no software or hardware to install download, and the process is instantaneous. Vulnerability assessments can be performed on an ongoing or a one-time basis. After we've identified the weaknesses in your current setup, we'll perform a gap analysis in which we identify the technology, processes and protocols that are exposing you to risk. All our clients receive a detailed report containing the problems we've identified and our recommendations for immediately addressing them.


Multiple Platforms

Manage all Vulnerabilities across your business.  Vulnerabilities exist where you least expect it. With Secuvant you can see every operating system and application threat putting your business at risk on servers, laptops and mobile devices.

Corporate, Remote, Home

Secuvant vulnerability detection goes beyond the corporate office. Assessing remote offices and home workers lets you gain insight into what was historically invisible, uncovering the remote threat. No hardware installed makes it easy!


Speed and Accuracy

You can detect vulnerabilities on one or thousands’s of devices no matter where they are physically located in the world within seconds. No hardware or complex software required. Access To Vulnerability Portal to see your Security Posture.

Contact Secuvant to Schedule Your Security Assessment Today

A cyber vulnerability assessment is an affordable way of improving your security posture. The benefits of increased security — including protection from attacks that cost you money and damage your reputation — ensures each vulnerability assessment we perform for our clients delivers a strong return on investment.

Secuvant is an independent network security company. We are not affiliated with any hardware or software manufacturer, which frees us to employ current vulnerability assessment best practices in everything we do. It also ensures any recommendation we make is based on your best interests, rather than on meeting a sales quota. To get started, or to schedule a meeting with one of our security vulnerability assessment experts, contact our office today.